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Common Operations Questions

Pier Pressure offers marina management services ranging from short term consulting to long term management, leasing or acquisition models.


At Pier Pressure we pride ourselves in developing strong services-oriented relationships with the local boating community. This includes specialties such as inboards, outboards, pleasure craft, commercial and sailing vessels and would be tailored to maximize the revenue potentials of each marina that we manage based upon their unique demographics.

The result of our approach is 30% higher per slip revenue than conventional property management companies.

Yes. Pier Pressure is authorized to operate in any state, projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Pier Pressure offers staffing, training and internships subject to current availability.

Marina Ownership And Valuation Questions

Common Marina Questions

Pier Pressure is not a CPA Firm or licensed real Estate Appraisal company, but our consulting team can play an important role in helping to establish the business value of your marina.

It can be, but increases in the cost of acquisition, rising property values, taxes, insurance, and regulatory exposure drastically increase the risk of failure. Let us show you how to monetize your operation.

If you have operated your marina for years you understand that the labor of love required goes way beyond what you would normally expect of an employee. Having said that your typical options include:

  1. Leaving the operation up to a family member or hiring a key employee to manage the operation, both of which often lead to a degradation in income, quality and valuation.
  2. Sell the marina, this is a one and done option which may fit your circumstances but eliminates any legacy value for your heirs.
  3. Partner with Pier Pressure to increase the revenue potential and value of your marina protecting your income and assuring maximum return over time.

Pier Pressure is always looking for investors to partner with and we would be pleased to assist you in evaluating opportunities to stand up any new marina investment.

First consider your goals. If you are experiencing operational challenges your valuation will reflect that.

Call us for a free consultation and we will work together with you to determine the cashflow potential of your property and options to maximize your return.

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